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Published On: Jum, Sep 21st, 2018

Pompeo: John Kerry Berusaha Memperlemah Trump

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Washington,  —  Menteri luar negeri Amerika Serikat kembali mengritik eks  menteri luar negeri negara ini dan mengatakan, John Kerry bukan saja mempromosikan kesepakatan nuklir dengan Iran, tapi juga secara aktif berusaha melemahkan pemerintah Trump.

Mike Pompeo, Menteri Luar Negeri Amerika Serikat hari Rabu malam (19/9) dalam wawancara dengan televisi Foxnews mengatakan, tampaknya Kerry tidak ingin meninggalkan dunia politik dan secara aktif terus berusaha dengan cara melakukan pertemuan dengan para pejabat Iran untuk melemahkan posisi Donald Trump, Presiden Amerika Serikat.

“John Kerry, Wendy Sheman, former US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs and Ernest Moniz, the former US Secretary of Energy is trying to distort what Trump has sought,” Pompeo said.

Earlier, Pompeo on Friday last week at the United States Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized the steps taken by Kerry and considered it an inappropriate attitude.

But the statement was immediately answered by spokesman Kerry.

“There is nothing strange with former diplomats meeting with foreign partners, let alone not being rude or inappropriate. What was unethical and never happened before was that the United States Ministry of Foreign Affairs podium was stolen for political demonstrations,” replied spokesman Kerry reacting Pompeo’s statement.

Trump accused the former US Secretary of State of holding illegal meetings with foreign parties.

Tensions and recriminations between Republicans and Democrats in the United States are increasing ahead of the country’s mid-term elections which will be held in November. (adz/parstoday)


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